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Things to keep in mind before considering invisalign for orthodontic treatment

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Nowadays, Invisalign is more preferred by any orthodontist than the old wire braces to ensure client and patient a more straight smile. It can be considered as a good way of straightening the teeth and correcting the bite without surgery. So, before trying out of the Invisalign here are few important things provided by Invisalign dentist in Shelton that you need to consider about Invisalign:

These are Custom-Made
At the initial stage of Invisalign, the size of your mouth is measured at the orthodontic office such that it specifically meets all the measurements correctly. Once the measurement of your mouth is done the Invisalign lab creates several sets of aligners for you to change them after every two weeks. And, on using them on a regular basis you can seek progressively shifting and straightening of your teeth over time.

Visit Orthodontist o regular basis
One needs to be prepared to visit their orthodontist in order to swap out your current set of aligners. It’s important to understand that the Invisalign process works successfully on the regular visit and check-ups. For straighten smile quickly one needs to maintain their appointments, to keep the Invisalign process on track.

Take Responsibility for Your Treatment
To eat, drink, and brush your teeth you can easily remove your aligner of Invisalign. Thus, you need not have to change your diet habit, unless you keep them for 22 hours a day. Yes, many orthodontists recommend to keep them for 22 hours for best results but you can remove them at the time when you rest.

Make a habit to brush and floss every day
You still need to be consistent and vigilant with your brushing and flossing no matter if you’re not wearing the old conventional metal braces. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day that helps to remove the traps food and bacterias. Food stuck within teeth can be left into aligners if not removed that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. But, you also need to be quite sure that you must go for a gentler cleaner while cleaning your alignment as that could bring stress mark on them.

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