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Dexis Digital Xrays

Digital xrays are a faster, clearer, more accurate way of taking patient xrays. Most importantly, the amount of radiation can be reduced by 80% when compared to tradition xrays. The images taken are critical in helping detect and diagnose dental health concerns.


Intraoral Cameras And Imaging

These intraoral cameras allows us the ability to take vivid and clear photographs of the smallest nuance or change occuring in a tooth or of the intraoral tissues which gives patients the opportunity to view things that only a dental professional could see. “Seeing is believing” and this concept helps to promote understanding for the patient.


Itero Digital Impressions

Many dental procedures require a mold or impression of the teeth and intraoral tissues to fabricate a laboratory fabricated prosthesis, appliance, or even a record of the teeth for Invisalign. Traditional impressions require the use of a goopy impression material loaded into a tray and inserted into the patient’s mouth for several minutes to obtain these molds. Itero digital impressions allow us to use a digital wand and take an optical impression for all of these procedures.


High Magnification Dental Loupes

By utilizing the Orascoptic EyeZoom, the first and only adjustable magnification dental loupe, we can see extremely small changes and nuances in teeth and the oral tissues and allow for more precise diagnosis and early treatment intervention. Additionally, dental loupes allow us to see and visualize the treatment field more clearly and easily during any dental procedure.


VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is among the eight most common cancers in the world. The rate of occurrence has not decreased over the past decade. VELscope is a painless light based diagnostic tool that illuminates the tissues of the mouth and can help to look for abnormalities that may not be normally visible. Early detection is the most critical element in oral cancer treatment.


Diagnodent decay detection

This painless light emitting wand can help to detect early changes in tooth structure and diagnose decay when it is small and has not had an opportunity to increase in size; treatment can then be minimal, faster, and less costly.


Dental Lasers

This is an instrument that produces a very narrow and intense beam of light energy. As the light comes in contact with soft tissue, it causes a reaction, and allows the light produced by the laser to remove or reshape tissue. There are a multitude of uses for dental lasers in dentistry allowing fast, precise, and more comfortable treatment.

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