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Teeth are an important part of the human body. The first thing that a person notices about you is often your white sparkling smile. Therefore, maintenance of your dazzling smile should be one of your main priorities. As we know, the human body is an amalgamation of complex functions and interconnected mechanisms. Therefore, if one mechanism faces some type of abnormality, it can have a significant effect on other body parts as well.

The human race is constantly exposed to toxic chemicals and the impact of these harmful synthetic substances is continually causing the health of individuals to deplete. Also, eating and drinking habits have a direct effect on the health of individuals.

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Porcelain teeth Fillings


In the past, the most commonly used material for dental fillings was mercury and silver. Using these materials in dental filling procedures led to lethal impacts on the overall health of an individual. Because of the issues associated with these types of fillings, porcelain teeth fillings were created and rose in popularity. According to studies conducted by the American Dental Association, porcelain dental fillings make for the most reliable, sturdy, and long lasting..

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The smile is a facial feature that can emphasize a person’s mood and overall personality. As they say, “The first impression is the last impression.” Because of this, it is essential to maintain the health of your teeth and keep up your glorious smile. A great smile can help an individual in retaining long-lasting relationships and creating great first impressions.

Many people suffer from the problem of missing and/or misshapen teeth. These issues not only have the power to lower a person’s confidence, they can also degrade the aesthetic appeal of the entire face.

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dental Composite Resin Fillings


Dental composite resin fillings, also known as white dental fillings are a popular tooth filling agent. These fillers are generally used for restoring dental esthetics. Composite resin fillings give teeth a natural look. If you are suffering from the problem of crooked, broken, or misaligned teeth, it may be time to consult the leading dental composite resin fillings specialist in Westport.

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Composite Resin Fillings


Bridges are fixed, and non-removable appliances cemented onto prepared teeth to replace missing teeth. It consists of one or more replacement teeth with crowns attached to the ends. Bridges can also be constructed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth as well. A bridge can be composed of various materials from all ceramic materials to porcelain fused to precious metals such as gold.

Bridges are an effective way of replacing multiple missing teeth and will allow:

  • Proper chewing function
  • Proper support and stability
  • Anatomic facial support due to missing teeth
  • Proper occlusion by preventing surrounding teeth being able to shift or move into the empty missing areas
  • Restore the appearance and natural smile of a patient

Composite Resin Fillings


Dental implants are the artificial tooth root that supports the restoration for missing teeth. They are a popular and effective option for restoring your smile. Dental implants are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. They are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw and work as an anchor for replaced teeth. Dental implants maintains jaw bone, prevents bone loss and support facial features.

Implants allow for many various types of prosthetic options for patients that once only had limited choices. They are the biggest paradigm change in dental treatment planning to date.


Mercury Free Dentistry


These are non-removable cemented single “caps” that cover a tooth and can:

  • Restore a badly decayed tooth
  • Repair a cracked or fractured tooth
  • Encase a heavily filled tooth that is breaking down
  • Restore a significantly worn down or eroded tooth
  • Cosmetically alter a misshapen, discolored, or chipped tooth

Crowns can be composed of various materials from all ceramic, porcelain fused to precious metals (such as gold), or full gold crowns.

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