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Composite Resin Fillings in Westport

dental Composite Resin Fillings

Dental composite resin fillings, also known as white dental fillings are a popular tooth filling agent. These fillers are generally used for restoring dental esthetics. Composite resin fillings give teeth a natural look. If you are suffering from the problem of crooked, broken, or misaligned teeth, it may be time to consult the leading dental composite resin fillings specialist in Westport.

A composite resin filling is the material of choice to fill small areas of decay or small damaged areas of the tooth. This filling is adhesively bonded to the tooth and will match its appearance. The magic of this material is that it is cured and hardened within seconds after its placement allowing a patient immediate use of the restoration.

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About the dental composite resin filling procedure

The procedure of getting dental composite resin fillings is convenient and simple and does not require more than one appointment with the dentist. Initially, the dentist will perform an examination of the mouth and discuss the most appropriate treatment for you. After this, the dentist will give you a local anesthetic.

This numbs the area where procedure has to be performed. The next step will be to extract the damaged area (cavity or decay). In the case of a direct filling, the dentist will shape the tooth by directly inserting resin. In case of an indirect filling, it will involve the development of dental molds. This is carved out by taking an impression of the mouth. The advantage of composite bonding treatments is that it lends sturdy support to the crooked tooth. At the end of the process, the dentist will polish your teeth.

Advantages of composite resin fillings

There are many advantages of getting composite resin fillings. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Convenient procedure: When getting treated with veneers, crowns, and porcelain restorations, some healthy parts of the tooth might be extracted. Composite resin treatment can treat greater damage minimal structural removal.
  • Single dentist visits: Composite dental fillers can be applied by the dentist in a single visit. It is a simple procedure and requires little time to complete.
  • Matches the natural tooth color: Using resin as material provides sturdy protection to the treated tooth and matches exactly with the color of natural teeth.
  • Quick temporary fixing: Temporary composite fillers can be the ideal choice when it comes to treating growing teeth in children. Children’s teeth are in the development phase and therefore, permanent restoration treatments are not recommended. Get composite resin restoration as a quick fix option.

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