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The Latest Dental Implant Techniques You’re Sure To Love

Dental Implants Fairfield

Among all the dental prosthetic options, dental implants are the most stable and efficient. Though there are many replacement options that available patients today, dental implants still provide the longest lasting results. Conventional dental implants are one of the greatest inventions in the history of dentistry. This time tested treatment option is also considered to be the best alternative to those who have run out of other options!

Dental Implants aren’t always appreciated by everyone due to the fear associated with getting metal frames or posts placed in their jawbone. In fact, some people are so afraid of this procedure, they choose to wait a year or longer before finally seeking treatment. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that many people avoid getting the surgery done altogether. Today, many dentists use anesthesia and pain killers to help patients cope with their fears over the surgery.

Whether it’s a fear of needles or other factors, there are are reasons why people sometimes stay away from dental implants. Our dental implant experts here at the Esthetic Dental Group

What are the latest Improvements in Implants techniques?
There are basically two phases of dental implants:

  • The Planning Phase
  • The Insertion Phase

Recent technological advancements have helped streamline most dental implant procedures. Today, patients can request dental implants on their first visit to a dentist. Patients don’t have to wait for a long period of time to get their missing teeth replaced. Using a Hi-tech engineered apparatus and 3-D imaging provides dentists with an entirely new process for receiving dental implants. To make things even better, the overall recovery time of patients getting dental implant surgery has been reduced my almost 25% as well.

Through the use of the latest dental implant techniques, dentists can prepare your dental implant surgery through 3-D imaging using an ICAT machine. This machine provides a thorough analysis of tooth orientation and bone structure. This helps dentists understand the problem, come up with a treatment plan, and provide patients with solutions in less time than ever before!

New dental implant techniques have not only improved the way dentists analyse different conditions, but each dental implant procedure as well. These days, most dental implants, post and crown, can be placed during a single visit! It’s not only time-saving for both the dentist and the patient, but also reduces the need for multiple follow up visits as well.

The Micro Mini
Micro mini is the latest advancement in dental implant technology. These procedures are done through a series of mini-implants that are placed throughout the gums and used primarily for dentures. Usually, they are used to fit implants in a smaller than average space in your mouth. These implants cost less, and take much less time to get placed as well. They are also not as invasive, and don’t require as much work to be done as traditional dental implant procedures.

At the time of any mini-implant surgery, the patient doesn’t need to replace their dentures. This of course was not the case with most traditional implants. In the past, patients had to pay for new dentures every time they underwent a dental implant surgery! With the mini-implant technique, existing dentures can be fitted. This enables patients to return home with a full set of teeth immediately. This technology is gaining popularity and now being used to place restorations such as dental crowns and dental bridges.

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