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Is Digital Dentistry A Future Of Dental Care?

Dexis Digital Xrays

Time has changed. Today, we live in a world where everything from shopping to payments, and conversation to documentation, and even disease diagnosis happen digitally. Well, digitalization has taken over almost everything in the world, and dentistry is no exception. We are fortunate to have “digital dentistry.”

As medical science and technologies are developing increasingly, digital dentistry is becoming more user-friendly and efficient. Hence, dental professionals are able to work in better and smarter ways than ever.

If you’ve never heard about “digital dentistry” before, our expert, at Esthetic Group of WestPort, will explain more about digital dentistry and its future as “comforting and efficient dental care option.”


What is digital dentistry?


Basically, digital dentistry is a diagnostic or treatment technique that comes with computer controlled technology. When you visit a dental office, you may encounter the following digital dentistry tools.

>>Digital photography

>>Early diagnosing of dental cavities

>>Digital impression systems

>>3D cone beam scanners

>>Dexis digital x-rays

>>Digital smile style software package

>>Same day restoration systems

>>Diagnosing tools for TMJ dysfunction

>>Digital surgical techniques such as target-hunting implant placement

>>Patient record, scheduling, and data storage

Let’s learn about the common technologies used in the dental clinics.

Dexis digital X-rays – Well, as compared to traditional x-ray films, dexis digital x-rays offer clearer, faster, and more accurate results. Another important thing with digital x-rays is that the use of radiation is reduced by almost 80%. The images taken are helpful in detecting and diagnosing dental problems.

Itero digital impressions – Impression of teeth as well as intraoral tissues are required for many dental procedures. Usually, these impressions are used to fabricate a laboratory fabricated prosthesis, and other purposes. Traditionally, technicians used to load a goopy impression material into a tray. Later, it is inserted into the mouth of the patient for some time to get impressions or molds. Fortunately, with the help of science and technology, today we have Itero digital impressions. In this, dentists use a digital wand to get an optical impression for all dental procedures.

Diagnodent decay detection – Diagnose decay detection tool is a painless light emitting wand, which helps in detecting the early changes in tooth. This means, you can even detect the smallest decay, which hasn’t grown in size. However, early detection of dental decay means minimal, faster, and less costly treatment.

EDGW Diagnodent decay detection

Benefits of digital dentistry

Well, the benefits of digital dentistry are numerous. Some of them are given below.

Saves time – One of the major benefits of digital dentistry is that it is convenient and saves time. For example, you can easily get access to digital files available. You don’t want to waste time mailing or hand delivering physical x-rays, images, and bite impressions.

Accurate treatment planning – With digital smile design, now patients can see exactly what their smile looks like after a restorative, cosmetic, or orthodontic treatment. Digital treatment planning also reduces any chances of error while communicating the treatment plan with labs. 

Early intervention – Digital photos, x-rays, and cavity detection systems allow dental care providers to intervene in the early stages of dental problems.

Proper maintenance of patient records – By using a digital record keeping system, today, dentists can easily get the access of past treatments and make a comparison between the past dental problems and current issues. If needed, they can quickly, easily update any information.

Digital dentistry is a future of dental care, which can simplify the workflow in dental clinics.

If you want to know more about digital dentistry, contact Esthetic Dental Group of Westport. We’ll schedule your appointment and our experts will answer all your questions.

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