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What you should know about dental crown and dental bridges?

Dental Crown and dental bridge

Damaged teeth leads to imperfect smile. An imperfect smile will not only make you feel less confident but will affect your everyday life. It is extremely necessary that you visit an expert dentist if your one or more teeth are damaged. There are numerous restoration techniques available that can restore and perfect your smile. As every patient is different, a dentist has to make sure that the procedure is tight for you. To restore the damaged teeth, there are two methods: dental ceramic crowns or bridges.

Difference between crown and bridges
It is not that dental crowns are better than bridges or vice versa. The dental restoration depend upon the patient. The dental crown is used to replace or repair a single tooth, while bridges are perfect when you need to replace or repair multiple teeth.
A crown is placed directly on the top of the damaged tooth or on the top of the dental implant. A dental bridge is attached to the two teeth on the side of the damaged teeth. The damaged tooth is replaced.

When are these dental restorations recommended?
The dental bridges are generally recommended when one or more teeth have been lost entirely. The dental ceramic crowns are recommended by our expert dentist when:
*There is need to restore a fractured or cracked tooth
*Cover a dental implant
*Replace a filling
*Strengthen the tooth that has root canal done

Benefits of dental restoration
The main benefit of dental restoration is the good oral health. As the fractured tooth can break completely and affect the oral health.The restoration will prevent the further need to of the dental procedures and give you your perfect smile back.

Lifespan of the dental restoration
The lifespan of the dental restoration (dental crowns and dental bridges)depends upon the oral health of the patient and how well he/she takes care of it. It is necessary that you visit your dentist at least twice a year to ensure that your oral health remains perfect. Make sure that you brush and floss twice a day. If you want to make sure that your restoration stays for a long time, don’t bite down on anything hard. With proper maintenance, your dental restoration will stay for a long time.

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