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Amazing reasons why you should smile more

We opt for health supplements, diet food and exercise to keep our immune system up. Do you know how much money you spend yearly? There are a lot of cheaper ways to boost our immune system. One of the best ways is to smile. A smile is not just an emotion. It is a way to express the happiness and the emotion inside you. It is a surefire to keep the health up.

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* Immune System
To build a super strong immune system, we advise you to keep smiling. Smiling actually protects you from the bacteria and germs that might end up making you sick. How? When you are smiling, the brain makes the body produce white blood cells which result in a strong immune system.

* Endorphins = Happiness
When we smile, our brain release endorphins. Endorphins are the happy chemicals that help our body to manage the stress and make us happy. Our brain also releases endorphins when we exercise.

* No stress
The endorphins not only provide us happiness but squash the stress and lower the anxiety. When you are under stress, the body produces more cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that makes you feel unpleasant. Endorphins lower the amount of cortisol in the body. This lifts your mood making you feel good.

* Attractive
Smiling makes you more attractive. If you want to make new friends or engage with new people, you should smile more often. A smile is a universal sign that you are willing to talk and interact with them.

We know that it is very difficult to smile when you are feeling down. Here are a few motivators that will get you smiling in no time:

* Fake it
Believe or not, the brain cannot tell the difference between the real smile and a fake one. Even when you fake a smile, you will get all the benefits of the real smile. The brain will release the endorphins and you will feel happy.

* Call your loved one
Sometimes all you need to smile is your friends and family. When you are near the people you love and spend time with them, you automatically smile.

* Try a comedy
If you want to spend some time alone yet get the endorphins going, then opt for comedy movies and smile and laugh until your belly hurts.

At Esthetic Dental Group of Westport (EDGW), we make sure that your smile is in pristine condition so that you can show off your pearly whites while reaping all the health benefits that come with it. We are one of the leading Westport dentists for over 50 years.

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