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EDGW Is Here For All Your Emergency Dental Needs

Losing a filling or dental cap can be unexpected and scary for some. There are plenty of reasons as to why a dental cap may come loose or fall out. Over time it could be that your saliva breaks down the bonding of your crown to your tooth, or that that tooth decay present in…

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You Can Count On Your Oral Health Needs Be Met By The Top Dentist In Connecticut

Good oral health is important for the overall health of your body. Poor oral health can lead to a myriad of serious health issues and diseases down the line. It may not seem like it but, just like it is important to have a general physician to get your yearly physical and checkups done with,…

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Sleep Apnea: How To Treat Snoring?

The most common answer to the question “Liz, you snore a lot at night”. Whether occasional or regular, we all snore. There are certain reasons because of which we all snore. It could be because of a heavy drinking night out with your friends, or because of a stuffy nose. All this is normal, but…

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3 Most Important Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For Your Smile

A perfect smile is everyone’s dream. Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, today, everyone can fulfill their dream of perfect, pearly white smile. This means cosmetic dentistry has made dental health care accessible to all. From restorative procedures to cosmetic dental solutions and dental care tips, the Esthetic Dental Group of Westport offers all solutions…

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Dental Crown: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you recently diagnosed with tooth decay by your dentist and got recommended to get a dental implant and dental crown? Well, this is one of the best ways to restore your tooth shape and prevent it from further damage. However, before you get a dental crown, first, you need to undergo tooth filling. This…

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5 Tips To Choose Optometric (surgical) Loupes

Surgical loupes, also known as optometric loupes, are one of the most important medical tools. They are designed to help healthcare professionals see better by enlarging the image while performing operations with precision. Unlike surgical microscope, these loupes can be carried anywhere and are easier to use. Since these equipment are used during surgeries, it…

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Is Digital Dentistry A Future Of Dental Care?

Time has changed. Today, we live in a world where everything from shopping to payments, and conversation to documentation, and even disease diagnosis happen digitally. Well, digitalization has taken over almost everything in the world, and dentistry is no exception. We are fortunate to have “digital dentistry.” As medical science and technologies are developing increasingly,…

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Top 3 Advantages Of Fluoride Treatment For Teeth

If you have children, you sure are aware of the benefits of fluoride treatment. But did you know that using fluoride for adults is equally important? Irrespective of the age, practicing oral hygiene regularly is of utmost importance. It helps maintain healthy teeth and gives you a dazzling smile. Fluoride treatment offers a plethora of…

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Everything You Should Know About Getting Dental Crowns For Your Teeth

Dental crowns, commonly known as dental caps, are artificial covers that are placed over your real tooth. Getting dental caps for teeth is a fairly common practice. When your tooth gets chipped, misaligned, or crooked, dental caps can help restore the natural shape and size of the affected tooth. Dental crowns are also the ideal…

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The Latest Dental Implant Techniques You’re Sure To Love

Among all the dental prosthetic options, dental implants are the most stable and efficient. Though there are many replacement options that available patients today, dental implants still provide the longest lasting results. Conventional dental implants are one of the greatest inventions in the history of dentistry. This time tested treatment option is also considered to…

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