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5 Tips To Choose Optometric (surgical) Loupes

High Magnification Dental Loupes

Surgical loupes, also known as optometric loupes, are one of the most important medical tools. They are designed to help healthcare professionals see better by enlarging the image while performing operations with precision.

Unlike surgical microscope, these loupes can be carried anywhere and are easier to use. Since these equipment are used during surgeries, it becomes even more important to choose the right surgical loupes. This is because surgical loupes are not created equally. They are used by a range of healthcare professionals from dentists to surgeons, and eye doctors. We, at Esthetic Dental Group of WestPort, will provide you with factors to consider while choosing surgical loupes.

Here are the factors you need to consider while choosing surgical loupes.

Choosing the right surgical loupes involves many factors, such as resolution, magnification, field of view, depth of field, and working distance. Read below to learn more about each one of them.

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Resolution – Resolution helps in determining the visibility of details. This means the coatings and the type of glass used in the loupes’ lenses can have a great impact on its resolution. To test a pair of loupes, view them through a piece of graph paper. Also, pay attention to color distortions or curvature of the line. Equipment with higher resolution comes with straighter and crisper lines. This means the lines viewed through lenses with low resolution will be slightly blurred and curved.

Magnification – Do you know the magnification determines the size of the images that will appear? Usually, the choice of magnification of the loupes depends on the personal choice. High magnification of the loupes will provide a larger size of the image, but with reduced depth of view and field. Typically, for simple surgical cases, you may get a surgical loupes with a 3.0x or 2.5x magnification, and for more complicated procedure, a 4.5x or 3.5x magnification is the best suited. One the other hand, if you’re performing a microsurgery, choose surgical loupes with a magnification factor of 5.0x.

Field of view – The field of view is the area in focus that you see through surgical loupes. The longer the working distance of the loupe, the more the field of view will be. Also, lower magnification means a larger field of view. Do keep this thing in mind while choosing surgical loupes.

Depth of field – Just like the field of view, the depth of field is also related directly to the working distance and magnification factor. It is the in-focus depth when you look through the loupe. In almost all cases, greater depth of field is preferred, as you’ll be able to see deeper without changing your position. This means you should always choose surgical loupes with lower magnification factor.

Working distance – When it comes to working distance, it is the distance at which the surgical loupes will focus. The distance between the loupe lens and the top of the subject should always be equal. To choose your optimum working distance, always go for a set of surgical loupes that fit your criteria.

Please remember

To choose the right surgical loupes, always go for the loupes with lowest magnification factor. This means the lower the magnification, the greater the depth of field and field of vision will be. And the longer the working distance, the greater the field of view.

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